Electroshock band was founded in 2012. We play only our own arrangements of popular music. You can often see us in different configuration of players including instruments such as: violin, viola, cello, drums, cajon. Our repertoire contains many different artists and songs. It consists mainly of rock and pop songs from bands such as AC / DC, Deep Purple, Europe, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Joan Jett, Linkin Park, Apocalyptica, Metallica and Green Day. In our repertoire you can also find folk and classical music (W.A.Mozzart, J.S.Bach, B.Smetana, A.Dvořák, P.I.Tchaikovsky). Samples of some songs can be found in our EStore in every CD product or in video section.

In the summer season you can find us in Prague city center mostly on the Charles Bridge and throughout the year we also play our music on social, private, corporate events, or in hotels and restaurants in Prague (Peter burgers Pub, Restaurant Pannonia). At the end of 2014 we released our first CD – Busking Tour I. During 2014 and on the begining of 2015, we are recording our second CD, so you have much to look forward to!


To find out how it all was all, we need to look a little more into the past. It all started in the violin masterclasses of Mr. Jaroslav Svěcený in 2009. Here I met Thomas, who at the time played the violin. We immediately became friends (I played the violin only the first year that time and the idea to start a band with someone from Prague conservatory seemed to be impossible). A year after I started to think about the band playing popular music played by string quartet. By that time I had brought from America electric violin and I wanted to include them into my plans. So I started to arrange different popular songs. Some of them were good immediately (Nothing else matters, Mamma Mia), some of them were not that great at the beginning (Pirates of the Caribbean – He’s a pirate). Over time I have developed my own style of arranging songs, which became characteristic for Electroshock. In 2009, I moved from Hradec Králové to Prague. About three years later, I ran into Tom in a tram no. 22 and he was playing viola in that time. It was decided that this is the right place and time for the rebirth of Electroshock. I called Bart (violinist) and he agreed to play with us. He brought to us Anežka (our violoncellist). We had only three weeks to our the first event (representative ball in Hradec Kralove) and over 40 songs to rehearse. I have ordered a whole collection of custom electric string instruments from Mr. Reiter from Ostrava, which arrived a week before the ball. Despite all the improbability we played at the ball and it was a great success. We played a few more balls and a series of educational concerts for elementary school and we wondered what to do with the holidays, which were before us. We did not hesitate and we visited part of Europe (Ireland, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland), where we played just on the street. During this trip our friend and photographer Michal Havlíček joined us as a drummer. Most beautiful was to play on Grafton Street in Dublin, under the Eiffel Tower, or the Champs-Élysées in Paris. In the second (much shorter trip to Paris) our current drummer Marika joined us. After returning to the Czech Republic, we organized a concert in Prague’s Bethlehem Chapel for more than 500 people. Since then we are constantly playing, working on new songs and improving our own image. We successfully released our first CD: Electroshock – Busking tour I, on which we had a help of some great musicians.

Our band grown in few last months and we started to play with new (and excellent) musicians. During 2014, we began to work more on the originality of our band so you can sometimes see some new and unusual instruments and in 2015 we released our second CD.
All of us believe that the next year will be for Electroshock even more successful and productive than the previous one.


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